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A Lovely Bubbly Champagne Rendez-Vous

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Rendez-Vous Champagne is curated by Diane Salem Champagne co-founded by Fiona Perrin and Jean-Michel Salem.

What I love about this champagne brand- other than the exquisite champagnes they elaborate - is the fact that the name Diane, Fiona’s middle name, pays homage to Fiona’s grandmother, who shared an infectious passion for high- quality food and wine. They also chose to balance their brand name with Salem, which is Jean-Michel’s last name.

Rendez-Vous Champagnes are crafted in partnership with a single champagne grower with a hands-on approach in the vineyard.

Grapes are grown organically in Premier Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims in Champagne, France.

Some of you may know that less than 1% of all 16,000 Champagne grape growers are certified organic, and Rendez-Vous champagnes are part of that 1%.

What’s more, unlike other wine and champagne producers that use egg white or gelatin, Rendez-Vous champagne is 100% vegan (containing no animal products).

Their natural champagnes are developed using sustainable, low-intervention methods. They shun overpackaged products, unnecessary marketing material and try their best to reduce their ecological footprint.

Rendez-vous is the only exclusive direct-to-consumer champagne brand in the US that ships nationwide. That means shipping is easy.

I’m thrilled I finally got to chat with Fiona to talk about Rendez-Vous Champagne, her journey in the wine business and the future of Champagne.

This was a lovely bubbly rendez-vous!


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