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Le Printemps Des Champagnes - A week of exceptional tastings in Champagne

If there is one event in Champagne that will certifiably give you enough reasons to experience a severe case of FOMO it is Le Printemps des Champagnes. Taking place April 15-19, 2023, Le Printemps des Champagnes has become, since its inception in 2009, the imperative inescapable annual rendez-vous that few industry insiders want to miss out on.

Attracting sommeliers, cellar masters, wine/Champagne professionals, restauranteurs, journalists, and bloggers from all over the world, the special event is an experience unlike any others. A special moment whose initiative was born out of the will of a group of “vignerons” (winemakers) eager to put their terroir and the quality of their work front and center. It has evolved into a formidable opportunity to meet the rockstars of Champagne who, in the past recent years, have been successfully moving the needle in the champagne world.

Strictly reserved to professionals, the annual event is hosted by the most dynamic and engaged associations of “vignerons” (winemakers) in Champagne. This year 26 groups of winemakers will get together for a week of phenomenal tastings of vins clairs (clear wines) and champagnes to highlight Champagne’s unique diversity from vine to wine. Each tasting offers a one-of-a-kind journey to the heart of an extraordinary terroir with an incredible story to tell - one of passion, savoir-faire (know-how), traditions, values, and respect of nature.

The story commences in 2009 when the winemakers of the “Terres et Vins de Champagne” project decided to host a day of tastings of Vins Clairs and champagnes in Aÿ. The inchoate event amassed such success that, in a unifying spirit, additional groups of winemakers progressively joined the effort over the years. Today, Le Printemps des Champagnes welcomes professionals from more than 40 countries, who gather to meet the men and women who bring style and élan to their craft, and are perpetually shaping, reinvigorating, and driving the Champagne industry forward.


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