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Welcome to Champagne PLZ,

The unmistaken centerpiece of celebration, Champagne brings people together for all occasions whether to celebrate a birthday, New Year’s Eve at midnight, a job promotion, graduation, a life milestone, personal heartbreak, and/or divorce.

No matter what, your festivities will have one common royal guest: CHAMPAGNE.


From the growers, pickers, the Chefs de Caves, remueurs, vintners to the executives running the Maisons de Champagne (whether corporate-owned or family-run), the social media “champagne’fluencers” and worldwide brand ambassadors, these are all the behind-the-scenes artisans/artists & dedicated entrepreneurs – men & women - who have given and continue to give the iconic wine its prestige, bubbliness and effervescent identity.

Beyond its emblematic association with luxury and with the marking of special moments, champagne has also become synonymous with that certain French je ne sais quoi. A symbol of the good life and the joie de vivre, it is a wine that is meant to be shared.

And we’re here to share it all with you – the history, the larger-than-life characters who have transformed the Champagne industry over the years, the craftsmanship, savoir-faire, the savoir-vivre, the etiquette and of course, Champagne, the region and champagne, the wine with its foamy finesse, distinctive pop, and brilliant personality.

Champagne is our absolute passion and we’re committed to sharing it with you through a variety of Champagne-themed webinars, workshops, ateliers, presentations, etc., that foster networking, that are fun, entertaining, informative, engaging, and pétillant.

Live your life to its full effervescence.


Mona Elyafi

Mona Elyafi

Champagne Instructor

The woman behind Champagne PLZ. 

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Let Us Host Your Next Event

“A Day is not a day without Champagne!

Whether interactive/virtual or in-person, we host a variety of fun, entertaining, informative and creative
programs to provide our guests with a unique, original, meaningful & unforgettable sparkling experience.

These include:
- Webinars
- Workshops
- Lectures
- Presentations
- Champagne Food Pairing Ideas
- Degustation & Tasting Events

Our priority is for you & your guest to have fun, learn something and of course enjoy great champagne.



Holiday Table with Champagne

Champagne is one of the most versatile wines for pairing with food – it simply goes with everything.
It’s all about balance.

Pairing your champagne with the proper dish will enhance your tasting experience.
So, what culinary delights pair best with Champagne?

Of course, it entirely depends on your mood and taste du jour.
For you, the ideal mix might include a basket of extra crispy French Fries. Perhaps you’d prefer a steak
dinner with a side of mash-potatoes? Or if you have a sweet tooth, you might go for a decadent
cheesecake or ice-cream dessert?

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71FC1572-AE85-480C-9A1D-16B78C9F4AF8 cop
Food Pairing

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