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Five Christmas Song And Champagne Pairings To Make This Bubbly Season Pop!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Tis the season to put on some Christmas tunes and pop the champagne!

There’s nothing like sipping an exquisite glass of champagne and letting yourself be carried by the “tinkle-tinkle” sound of the bells and the rhythm of Christmas.

But do you know how to pair music with champagne?

Music plays an important role in the way we experience a wine because it affects all five of our human senses (ear, nose, sight, palate, touch). Music and wine share very similar properties.

They both have character, personality, and complexities, and can be defined in terms of structure, body, tone, balance, and notes.

In fact, the analogy makes perfect sense when you’re familiar with the unique and exceptional art of crafting champagne – an artisanal Savoir-Faire accrued over centuries.

Perhaps no one captures the similitude and very intimate relationship between music and wine (champagne) better than Olivier Krug, Director of House of Krug, when he said “Krug takes a lyrical approach to Champagne creation. Each individual plot, with its wine, is like a musician contributing its own character and vitality, while Cellar Master Julie Cavil is like an orchestra conductor auditioning each personality to determine which should play together in the final blend, or symphony.”

Music and champagne allow you to embark on a fantastic journey through time.

From the vine to the glass, champagne is the lens through which the history and the culture of the people behind the label is manifested. Music can transport you back to a particular period, a moment, a situation with very specific people. Both connect us to history as well as our own personal life story. Every sip then becomes a portal to another world and a unique musical adventure through time and space!

So, time to jazz up the holidays and warm up our ears with five of my all-time favorite Christmas tune and champagne pairings to make this bubbly season pop:

  • ZAT YOU SANTA CLAUS (The Heavy Remix), Louis Armstrong

(Certified organic wines and practicing biodynamic viticulture)

A swinging salute to Santa Claus by no other than legendary jazz icon Louis Armstrong.

A superbly executed remix of this Christmas treasure.

The song’s terrific swing feeling marked by syncopated snare drums and solid high hats give this masterpiece of a Christmassy jazz ensemble its structure and meaty body just like the Pinot Noir of this superbly crafted champagne. The long finish of the wine in the mouth mimics the buildup of the track, which progressively becomes stentorian and powerful. An outstanding big band music production with texture and oomph. L’Ascendant (meaning “rising”) progresses in the same dramatic and elegant way in the glass and on the palate. It combines notes of citrus oil and white flowers that echo the almost imperceptible delightful piano and sporadic bells giving the tune its delicious holiday spirit. The macadamia nuts, nougat, and hazelnut flavors, in contrast, bring front and center that cozy Fall feel and holiday spices that the song’s big brass section conjures up as well. A refreshing and bright champagne that finds its perfect match with this utterly amusing Holiday mood-boosting hit. And if you’re up for more than one glass, check out the original recording – it’s the unmistakable signature sound of this large than life iconic artist, louis Armstrong.

… 'that's him, alright'.

  • I NEED YOU CHRISTMAS, The Jonas Brothers

A lesser-known Christmas song from the Jonas Brothers but an absolute real gem.

This is by far one of the most underrated Christmas songs ever. A song, I would argue, that merits to join the royal ranks of the Holiday hits put on heavy rotation year after year such as “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aids, and “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey. Released in October of 2020 amid the pandemic, the song barely got some airplay – a surprising fate for this formidably gorgeous tune which comports all the perfect elements of an endearingly timeless Christmas classic. Mea culpa, this is a song that also holds a very special meaning to me as it is the last Christmas song my mom heard before passing. I had sent her a link to the YouTube video last Christmas, and it was not until April of this year that she texted me back to let me know how much she loved the song. Pairing it with Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve is a logical choice. This is a champagne that is known for its rich character, unique complexities, and generous personality. The freshly baked brioche, roasted notes and ripe, sun-kissed fruit, amber and vanilla notes harmoniously embrace the nostalgic feel of the song that is carried by the soothing strings and melancholic piano loop throughout the entirety of the track. The multi-vintage champagne offers an all-enveloping lush and unctuous palate that resonates with the warm and fuzzy feel of the song. I always get chills listening to it!

  • DECEMBER SONG (I Dreamed of Christmas), George Michael

Stunningly beautiful, this George Michael song is regretfully not nearly as popular as his iconic yuletide anthem “Last Christmas”. A true old fashioned Christmas gem, December Song should have catapulted to meteoric heights when originally released to naturally become a staple of the Holiday season. A remarkable champagne to accompany this heartwarming masterpiece is Laherte Frères 'Ultradition Brut'. This Meunier dominant champagne is akin to Michael’s overshadowed song. The so-called “black sheep” of Champagne, Meunier is not praised enough even though it occupies a third of the region’s plantings. The song conjures up so much nostalgia, it is a delightful trip back into our childhood and an immersion into the magic and wonder that every Christmas season never fails to impart. The vinous richness of the Meunier rides the wave of these nostalgic days. Bringing roundness to the cuvée, this Meunier dominant champagne delivers a soft texture and smokey quality with earthy undertones, spice character. The bouquet is an explosion of intense red fruits, floral tones, and autolytic character. A charming richness that permeates as well throughout George Michael’s song and music video. There’s nothing more magical and endearing than seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child. Michael captures the very essence of that innocence and joy … and the naivety associated with our childhood that gives us the feeling that anything is possible if you believe. The timeless and classic vibe of the song is beautifully brought alive by the sample of the magnificent choral harmonies from Frank Sinatra’s old time classic “The Christmas Waltz.”

I invite you to waltz your way into Christmas wonderland with Laherte Frères 'Ultradition Brut' in hand and George Michael’s December Song on play mode.

Tis the season for reminiscing, that is the art of Christmas!


You don’t know you need a Katy Perry Christmas song until you hear this one.

Perry’s “Cozy Little Christmas” is a fun, flirtatious, utterly adorable modern holiday song oozing effervescence. It twinkles, sparkles and bubbles, and just makes you want to smile and dance. I had to pair it with a Chardonnay dominant champagne to capture the perky energy of yet another unfairly underrated brilliant Christmas song.

Hitting all the right notes (like Perry’s Holiday masterpiece), l’Empreinte offers a plethora of floral and fruity aromas with a dash of butter & brioche flavors, and spicy notes of ginger and anise. Freshness and finesse describe the personality of this wine and the tempo of the song. The horn riff echoes the champagne’s silky creamy texture. It gives this feel-good Holiday pop song its zest and gusto. It doesn’t get much cuter than that. It’s just so darn festive! And just like the crisp and lingering finish of the champagne, the jingle’s extremely catchy sing-along chorus will leave you humming the song well beyond Christmas Day. The pulsing rhythms blending with Katy Perry’s pristine vocal performance cements this tune as one of her finest to date. Is there anything Katy Perry can’t do? She never disappoints, much like Doyard-Mahé’s emblematic Empreinte Cuvée which stands out for the quality of its perlage.

There’s something about happy Christmas music that always gets us in the holiday spirit, and this Katy Perry tune is no exception!

  • WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR (Mangini vs Pallin Remix), Ella Fitzgerald

The Brut Nature crafted by Billecart-Salmon goes perfectly well with this fantastic remix of Ella Fitzgerald Holiday classic. The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1947 who apparently never intended for it to become a Holiday tune. But Ella’s rendition is simply exceptional. And The Verve remix instantly transforms it into a contagiously catchy sing-along tune. The crispiness of the champagne has an enjoyable kick too it which matches the upbeat feel-good vibe of the song. The Biscuity flavors enhance the wistfully romantic melody of the strings that, like the wine’s fine bubbles, give the song its exquisitely sophisticated allure. Ella’s silky-smooth soulful vocals ooze with seduction, an invitation as well extended by this vibrant champagne backed by elegantly nuanced aromas. Orchard fruits, fresh citrus, almond paste, pains au lait and a touch of raw honey mingle in perfect unison.

A swinging Christmas feast for the ears and sheer bubbly perfection.

An absolute treat!

And for the sake of authenticity, I also invite you to listen to Ella’s original rendition of the song. It is a much slower tempo, perhaps a bit more sensual version with that classic old school arrangement. A standard belt-worthy tune that still pairs well with these refined bubbles.


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